Here is a sampling of projects Michael Siegel created maps for:
Maps for the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
RU Focus article

Maps for the Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia  

Books published by the Rutgers University Press:  
sample map
sample map
review article

Maps for Arctic Melt - Native Voices on the dilemmas of development ( (A video created by Hal Salzman and Shaodi Huang).
Arctic Indiginous People North Slope Villages, TAPS, ANWR North Alaska Whale Migration 12 ANCSA corporations

NY/NJ Trail Conference books

Rutgers Gardens' Heylar Woods Trail Map Vineland, NJ places of interest map
South Pacific Island Nations Black Horse Pike
Alameda, CA median home value;
color version; black&white version
Gloucester County Community College Campus Map
Issiah Bowman's expeditions in South America (1907,1911, 1913) British Invasions
Caldera Company's worst case toxic release scenario China
El Paso Migrant Farmworker Study Great Circle Route
Florentine Dominion 1502 Highlands
Havana environs ca. 1800s Havana ca. 1800s
Italian emigration Masai District, Tanzania
Miao distribution in southern China Red Knot Migrations
Nassau/Suffolk Greenbelt Milford Bluffs Preserve
Olduvai Gorge research site Olduvai Paleolake
The Gambia Garden District; color version Safari Tourism
Washington D.C. naturalists, ca. 1885 Underground Railroad

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