geog title

Cartographic Problems 450:488


INSTRUCTOR: Michael Siegel, Staff Cartographer
CLASS: Fridays 10:30-1:00 p.m. LSH B251 (Undergraduate computer lab)

1. Gain additional experience with thematic map design.
2. Continue our exploration of geographic data sources and map production techniques.
3. Become familiar with resources for creating maps beyond what you have tried already.

MAP PROJECTS: There will be three thematic mapping projects in this course.
1. You are responsible for developing thematic maps that meet the instructor's approval. The projects should challenge and expand your design skills.
2. Project grades will be determined by the amount of subject content, sophistication of design, and effectiveness of technical execution.
3. Each stage of a map has a deadline. Your grade will be lowered for missed deadlines.
4. Friday meetings will be used to discuss the progress of your current project, and to allow you to explore techniques and software not necessarily related to your project. You are expected to complete the majority of work on the three projects outside of our Friday meetings.

Please let me know in advance if you will miss a class meeting (absence reporting). You are required to make up the missed meeting session the following week.

PROJECT PARAMETERS: 1) large; medium; small scale. 2) historical; current; academic/research. Parameters should be identified in the self-critique.

WEBPAGE: You are required to maintain a webpage as a showcase for your cartography projects. At some point before your Eden account expires,
you might want to consider using a free (non-Rutgers) hosting service that will continue to be available to you after graduation.


Production Schedule

Jan. 24 Initial meeting (review class requirements; consider project ideas); Project 1 assigned
Jan. 31 P1 title & data links due
Feb. 07 P1 digital compilation copy due
Feb. 14 P1 first color version due
Feb. 21 P1 final color version due; Project 2 assigned
Feb. 28 P2 title & data links due
Mar. 07 P2 digital compilation copy due
Mar. 14 P2 first color version due
Mar. 21 S P R I N G B R E A K
Mar. 28 P2 final color version due; Project 3 assigned
Apr. 04 P3 title & data links due
Apr. 11 P3 digital compilation copy due
Apr. 18 Class cancelled (Animated GIFs?)
Apr. 25 P3 first color version due
May 02 P3 final color version due

The typed abstract and critique are due on the Tuesday following the final deadline of the project.